Dr.Martens 1460 8 Eye Unisex Boots - Black

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Dr.Martens 1460 8 Eye Unisex Boots - Black

Product Specification

Our most famous and instantly recognizable silhouette, the 1460 is the Original Dr. Martens boot. First created in 1960, and made iconic by our wearers in the decades since: the 1460 lace up boot is built to last. Our collection now includes a variety of bold designs, colors and textures.

  • Smooth, soft leather, with an oily coating, giving a waxy feel.

  • Care Instructions: Clean away dirt using a damp cloth and allow to dry, then apply Dr.Martens Wonder Balsam, add to shoes using the sponge applicator supplied with the product. Alternatively if a higher level of suppleness is desired, Dr Martens Neutral Dubbin could be used follow application instructions on product.