May the force be with you - Star Wars Inspired Collection with Herschel


It's always fascinating how movies can be intentionally plotted for viewers to favour the protagonist. But oddly, choosing the side of an antagonist seems to be on a rise these years. It may be of the well-crafted storyline kicks a punch that often makes you think twice; am I on the right team? Or the intriguing well- designed characters that wiling to make sacrifices & teleport it chances of having any happy ending still heads it's way to destruction.
(For you could only dream of after having a tiff with your brother over light-saber colors.)

Which side are you with and have you finally settled on something after watching the series panned out in the theatres?

The first series of Herschel X Star Wars collection will let you have a crack at deciding which villain you're rooting for.
Inspired by the villains in the seminal Star Wars original trilogy,
the robust collection reimagines signature Herschel classics with elements from 3 iconic Star Wars Villians characters armor.

- Darth Vader

- Boba Fett 

-and of course, the Stormtroopers.

All bags featured in this collaboration will come with a character-inspired interior liner, interior woven labels that feature the Star Wars and Herschel Supply logo.

Now, it's time for you to pick a side.